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SPG 2000 Report Generation Units for Reliable Butt Fusion

HÜRNER SPG 2000 Report Generating Unit for fast, accurate monitoring and recording of weld values under DVS and other national standards (WIS, INSTA, etc.). The Report Generation Unit SPG 2000 can be universally used with any mechanically operated butt-welding machine and with all hydraulically operated machines from KWH Tech, as well as with various other makes. With SPG 2000, it is possible to capture all the data needed to evaluate the quality of a welding operation and to transfer them to a printer, a PC with the Hürner DataWork software installed, or to the internal micro-printer.

SPG 2000

Technical Specs:

Input Voltage

100V - 260V


Input Frequency

40Hz - 80Hz


4 kg


240 x 200 x 125mm

Box Protection


 Download datasheet [pdf]




  • Easy to use with intuitive and structured user menus

  • Multilingual menus and reports

  • Film-protected alphanumeric keypad with welding process diagram

  • PC Interface (RS232), Printer (Centronics)

  • Report capacity: 1,000 welding operations

  • LED-lit display 4 lines 20 characters each

  • Automatic auto-test after power was turned o to the unit

  • Report configuration customisable

  • Pressure sensor 100 bars or 250 bars, as selected

  • Temperature sensor PT100 or PT1000, as selected

  • LEDs to display welding progress

  • Scanning wand / Scanner

  • optional Micro-printer

Data Captured

  • Type and ID of machine

  • Cylinder

  • Sensors

  • Material

  • Diameter / Wall thickness / Nominal pressure

  • Angle (on workshop units)

  • Consecutive number and weld number

  • Commission number (32 digits)

  • Welder ID (ISO Standard)

  • Date / Time of day

  • Ambient Temperatur

  • Nominal and actual values of:

    • Drag pressure

    • Mirror temperature (can be disabled)

    • Build-up pressure

    • Build-up time

    • Heat soaking pressure

    • Heat soaking time

    • Changeover delay

    • Joining pressure ramp

    • Joining pressure

    • Cooling time


  • Pipe codes (max. 40 characters, ISO)

  • Fitting code (26 characters, ISO)

  • Weather (DVS)

  • Extra data (max. 20 digits)

Monitoring Functions

  • Build-up pressure

  • Mirror temperature

  • Heat soaking pressure

  • Heat soaking time

  • Ramp

  • Joining pressure

  • Cooling time

  • Power supply failure

  • Ambient temperature

  • Report memory

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