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Report Generation
   1,580 Reports
Fitting Code
Data Input
   Scanning Wand (Scanner optional)
Control System
Ambient Temperature/Frequency
Traceability    Commision No.: 32 alphanumeric characters
Welder Id ISO/Hürner
Memory Management
20 alphanumeric characters for primary extra data
15 alphanumeric characters for secondary extra data
Data Output    Serial and Parallel Interface
+ Printer: Centronics (p)
+ PC: V24/RS232
Display    LED lit 4 lines 20 alphanumeric characters each
Output Voltage    8 V - 48 V
Output Current    max. 110 A
Weight    approx. 16 kg
Input Voltage    230V/110V/48V
Input Frequency    40 Hz - 70 Hz
Data sheet   

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