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Preventive maintanace increases the life expectancy of your machines an equipment. This comes amount to higher rentability of your investment and to a real gain to your budget.

PIPE POLY ensure you the service for:

  • Electrofusion machines

  • Butt-welding machines

  • Industrial Portable Generators

When a reperation is necessary, our studio is equipped with all needed materials and human resources.

To avoid reperation delais, we are holding a sufficent quantity of electronical and hydraulical spare parts on stock.


Studio ressources of materials:

  • Diagnostic Station, especially build for the controle and calibration of welding machines.

  • Welding simulator (pression et temperature) helps us to detect fast and effective the main problem.

  • E-Promm Programmers

  • Maintenance and Tracability Software.

Human resources:

  • 1 electrician trained in our manufacturers fabrics

  • 2 technicians of mechanics and hydraulics.

Our technicians are at your disposal for technical details and reperation questions.N

Don´t hesitate to contact us.