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Efficient environmental protection requires most advanced technologies and custom-made materials.

Une protection éfficace de l´environnement demande les technologies les plus modernes et des matériaux taillés sur mesure.

The produits Agru product range is espacially suitable for environmental protection:

  • Liners, calendered, smooth; 0,75 mm up to 3,0 mm (HDPE, PEVLD, FPP); Width: 5 m or 7 m

  • Liners, calendered, structured; 0,75 mm up to 3,0 mm (HDPE, PEVLD, FPP); Width: 5 m or 7 m

  • Tunnel liners, calendererd; 2,0 mm up to 3,0 mm (VLDPE); Width: up to 5 m

  • Agruflex liners, calendered; 0,5 mm up to 2,5 mm smooth; 1,0 mm up to 2,5 mm structured (FPP); Width: 5 m

  • Drainage pipes; 63 mm up to 315 mm, perforated, slotted (PE)

  • Agrulock, Vertical Cut-off-Wall System; PE profiles

  • Aluminium barriers; 2,5 mm up to 3,0 mm (PEHD); Width: 1,32 m

  • Waterstop Profile (Polyolefine material)

  • Assessoires:

    • Discs, test nipples (PE)

    • hotwedge welding machines

    • extrusion welding gun

Fields of application:

  • Industrial deposits and landfills
  • Lining of swimming and fish-farming ponds
  • Sealing of trenches and channels
  • Protection from erosion and sealing of embankments
  • Lining and covering of water storage basins
  • Lining of drinking water reservoirs
  • Sealing of tunnels

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